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Servicing Over 5000 Aircraft Components 


Landing Gear

Landing Gear Services

Complete Repair & Overhaul. NExT MRO has extensive capabilities on Airbus Landing Gear for the A330, 340, and A 320 families as well as for Boeing  737 classic, 737NG, the 777, 767, and military capabilities for F/15 and F/16, C/130, KC135


APU Services

APU Services

Full in-house capabilities for models GTCP85, GTCP131A/B, GTCP36-280B/D and -300A series, GTCP331-200ER/ 250/ 350, APS3200, C-130, the Black Hawk, and several other military and commercial aircraft.




Capabilities for all types of landing gear and thrust reverser actuators, hydraulic pumps, valves, accumulators and power control units


Pneumatic Components

Pneumatic Components

State of the Art data acquisition Bauer test stand, capabilities for control, check and shut off valves, pneumatic starters, ACM’s (Air Cycle Machines), and pneumatic drive units




Linear and rotary actuators, motors, fans and light assemblies


NDT & Inspection

NDT & Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection per ASTM E1444, Boeing 20-20-01 and Messier PCS-3100, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection per ASTM E1417, Boeing 20-20-02 and Messier PCS-3200 meeting the requirements of SNT-TC-1A and NAS410

Leading Edge Technology & Service

NExT MRO is a Part 145 FAA/EASA case audited repair station. Our capabilities include full in-house landing gear repair and overhaul including;  actuation systems, NDT, machining, warehousing, and shipping/receiving facilities. We are authorized to repair and overhaul aircraft accessories to the following rating and/or limitation; Accessories class I, Accessories class II, Accessories class III.


In addition, NExT MRO has the expertise in a variety of non-destructive testing and inspection techniques. We are able to turnaround inspections under our roof in just a few hours because of our specialized Level III personnel and state of the art equipment ranging from magnetic particle, fluorescent penetrate, x-ray, eddie current and ultrasonic.

We maintain numerous components in ready condition for loans, leases, and exchanges.

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Landing Gear Overhauls


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